Whonix WS fingerprint?

Hallo! I was somewhat surprised to see that Whonix reveals my true host OS, i.e. Windows 7 at 2ip.ru or ipper.ru. I take it the check should rather indicate to “Linux” - my Whonix workstation OS. What’s wrong with the fingerprint ? Have I missed something?

this is the default fingerprint of every TBB , this is unrelated to Whonix. and u didnt missed anything.

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This also reveals your country :smiley:

Since Whonix has no knowledge of your real external IP address the country that is being shown is the location of the Tor exit relay. Not the actual country you reside in.

Even if you were just joking around some users would not know that.


You missed the point. I meant guy using .ru sites to find his IP is probably Russian.

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