Whonix WS Clones

I’ve made two fresh clones of my WS but I havent run them yet as I wanted to ask how to go about this.

I’ve read the wikis on this but it seems a bit complicated to do. I remember on the previous release I only had to change some digit inputs (DNS or similar) in a certain file.

I need the extra workstations so I’m sure I separate some identities from each other.


Hi winibub

The wiki page was recently updated but the steps haven’t changed.

For Non-Qube-Whonix

After cloning Workstation:

1. Assign a new MAC address (VirtualBox). Change the internal network (KVM)

2. Open /etc/network/interfaces.d/30_non-qubes-whonix in an editor with root rights.

sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces.d/30_non-qubes-whonix

Change the last octet. For example to

3. Save and Exit.

4. In Whonix-Workstation, reboot. Or alternately restart the network.

sudo service networking restart