Whonix workstation super slow!!

My pc is not the best out there. I have 6GB ram and a fairly shitty CPU. When I install whonix in the beginning everything seems fine. It runs smooth and I can browse the internet fairly easily. However after saving the state of the workspace for a couple of times things start to get messy. The system starts very slowly and I am able to notice a huge delay in the actions im doing. At the end of the cycle tor and other programs start to crash so I can not get anything done. I read somewhere that I can increase the VirtualBox assigned CPU,RAM and play with the setting a little but I dont know how to do that. Where would I find these setting changes? Please help!

Go to VM Settings -> System -> Motherboard and change the “Base Memory” to add more RAM, Go to System -> Processor to add more CPUs.

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Hi Roden

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Have a look at Low RAM issues. Be sure to follow the link to rads on that page.



when you say you are “saving the state,” does that mean you are creating a snapshot of a session that is in use, and restarting the virtual machine in that session, rather than going through the full boot process? if so, that is your problem, because it saves the clock state as well. if your clock/date is too far off from the current time/date, tor will not function. it will timeout which will explain your delays and errors. so, if that’s what you are doing, do not do that anymore.

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Very helpful thank you!

With saving state I meant saving the changes that I do to the VM (in this case installing software).I know to always let the VM fully boot. However I found that the clock thingy you mentioned sometimes disconnect me from the network and to fix that I need to manually change it once in a while. Thanks!