Whonix Workstation problem

Hello everyone,

First of all I would like to say that I’m new to whonix. After the installation of whonix I’ve encountered a problem. On a whonix-gateway I have all the applications, but when I start whonix-workstation it loads as an empty OS. There are no terminal or any other program, I can only see places like home, network, root and trash.

Did you download it from whonix.org/download? Don’t download from
download.whonix.org, there are developers-only versions that may be
broken like this.

I’m having a similar problem. I downloaded the windows simple installer and the gateway is working fine but the workstation is just a gui user login screen, wouldn’t let me login with the user/pass from the gateway either. Would you recommend that I just install it the traditional way with the two images of the workstation and gateway?

Did not see that before. Clear now. You are not supposed to use that version. Developers only.

Please use a stable version, please go through https://www.whonix.org/download/.