Whonix-Workstation logs me out?

Whonix-Workstation keeps logging me out when I go to access hidden services. I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence that it happens when I attempt to go to any .onion… it’s rather annoying as when I log back in, typically everything I was doing is gone and it’s like a just launched the Workstation again.

Why is this? :S

Thanks a lot in advance!

EDIT: It seems to not log out with EVERY onion, just some.

VirtualBox? This issue https://forums.whonix.org/t/virtualbox-gateway-workstation-freezing-during-inactivity ?

No, in KVM. Everything works perfectly fine – Gateway, workstation connect and update no problems, as well as applications like xchat work without causing interruption. However when I try to access hidden services, it usually logs me out. I’m unable to use the TOR browser function at all at this point. It’s quite confusing, I’m just returning to Whonix for the first time since a version or two ago and I’ve not once encountered a problem like this before. Right now I’m going to try and reinstall the browser and see if it fixes the issue (whatever it may be).

Thanks for any insight, Patrick! I’ll post any updates I find.

EDIT: The base system is Jessie, for all intensive purposes.

Moved to KVM forums.

This reliably does not happen if you avoid browsing hidden services?

Please specify “logs me out”. Please describe exactly what is happening. Post the output or a screenshot.

Tor, not TOR.


I just wiped it. I’m tired of the issues with Jessie, going back to Wheezy.

It was happening solely on hidden services when I tried it earlier. & by log out I mean it legitimately logs me out of the user profile on the OS, and I am made to log back in again with the user password. When I would get back in, it’d be as if the system was a fresh boot, with nothing open or active.

Sorry I can’t provide any more information, but as far as the problem is concerned this thread is closed.

Can’t reproduce this.

Hi there! I can easily reproduce this issue on my setup (KVM, Whonix updated and upgraded via apt-get, Tor browser 5.0/5.6). I’ve created a screencast with quick demonstration [1]. Any ideas on what’s going on?


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