Whonix Workstation freezes


Whonix workstation freezes after using tor browser after a while.

I can move the mouse but can not click anything or type anything and nothing is loading, just total freeze.

Why is this happening and how do i fix it?

I read somewhere that i maybe need to increase RAM memory. How do i do that?

Please explain, i am kinda new to this

Thank you in advance.

Hi virtualbox

Do you have sufficient RAM for both Whonix and your host running at the same time? If you are doing multi tasks on your host, at the same time as Whonix could also cause this to happen (not enough RAM to go around)

Did you try to change any VirtualBox settings or anything in Whonix other than updating your system?

You can you try to assigning more RAM in VirtualBox settings.



Try pressing the power button and see if that unfreezes it

Hi Bam_Bam

Do you use pause / suspend / save / hibernate ?

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