Whonix Workstation bloating

Hey everyone,
My workstation is getting larger and larger. I’ve run ncdu, clenaed up, bleachbit etc., yet it keeps eating my space. Very soon my host system is going to get completely full and. It’s something like 50-100mb less each time I log in.
I was thinking of purging some old linux images but I have no idea which ones are ok to get rid of… But again, that would just give me space within the WS, it wouldn’t solve any of the bloating.

thnx in advance!

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Which hypervisor are you using? Also, did you install anything, which might create a high amount of log data?

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Any but not the latest / working one.

We have documented to grow a virtual disk.

But not to shrink it. However, some of that information still applies.

The free support principle answer is, “you can shrink it the same way as you could shrink any linux disk for your virtualizer”.

That doesn’t help you yet to find the cause for increasing disk sizes. Install something like baobab inside the VM to figure out what file/folder is big/increasing.

 sudo apt-get install baobab

Thanks for the responses. I’m using virtualbox. Baobab, didn’t show me anything - ~450mb on home and ~4.5GB in total.
My WS file is now close to 15GB.
It seems my Gateway file is also growing, now a bit more than 8GB.
I never installed anything on either except ncdu, bleachbit.
Should I install bleachbit on the gateway as well?
I’m afraid I can’t even clone my vms as I’ve no space on host. So shrinking, without prior experience seems risky.

bleachbit would be a workaround at best if it works. Better to find out
the cause. And even after deleting space inside the VM images, that disk
space is not released on the host. That is what VM disk shrinking is
required for.

True. Backups should be created before VM disk shrinking since something
could go wrong.