Whonix Workstation Auto-Update Bug


I did a long time ago a hardened Qubes-Whonix Installation following the guides on the wiki with no issues so far… until a couple of days ago.

I set Qubes to never check for updates and to do all updates manually using sys-whonix. Well, a couple of days ago the Qubes update launcher (the orange wheel symbol) popped-up telling me that there are updates available. This issue has never happened before.

Is this a bug, a feature or malware? It is weird that Qubes update launcher wants me to update only the Whonix workstation template when there are updates available for all templates.


P.S1: Yes, I have the qubes-update-check service unchecked on Whonix Workstation template.
P.S2: There are some weird messages everytime I open a qube based on Whonix workstation template. “Device Removed” Device /tmp/sanity-squashfs-(Random Number) Deleted device is removed.

Whonix doesn’t develop Qubes updater. Please report to Qubes.

user-337799 via Whonix Forum:

Is this a bug, a feature or malware?


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