Whonix-Workstation 8 Crash - Attempted Screen Shot Failed In Error Log?!

So, I’m using W-Workstation 8 in VirtualBox and something weird happened recently.

Workstation has crashed once or twice on me while I have been doing normal browsing things. In VirtualBox after Workstation crashes the status changes to “Aborted”

The last time it happened I decided I’d take a look at the log and see what was up. What I found was a little weird and I was wondering if anyone has seen anything similar.

I don’t have the exact log at the moment, and I will return next time / if it crashes again… but regardless - this was a little creepy.

One of the last errors before the system went down read something like

" [attempted screen capture failed] blabhlabhalh {123} blahbalh "
I am no programmer by any stretch and pardon my poor representation of the error log. Like I said, if it happens again I will try to get the exact error here. Regardless, why whonix is trying to capture my screen at the same time of this hiccup confuses me a bit. I guess the refreshing part of this is that the ‘screen capture was FAILED’

Is anyone familiar with this. Are the NASA astronauts trying to see what I’m up to here on my whonix box?

Okay going to hack out a little of what is on the same line

aRC=VBOX_E_IPRT_ERROR “NUMBERS 23948723987” aComponent={Display} aText={Could not take a screenshot (VERR_NOT_SUPPORTED)}, preserve=false

I might be climbing out on a limb here… but why would whonix try to take a screen shot before it crashes? Also, if this isn’t a ‘literal’ screen shot error, I apologize. Just thought it was a little odd!

Several lines down there is some other fishy and suspect things that I’m seeing now that I’m taking a second look.
Guest Log : BIOS Boots from floppy and CDROM failed.

Also something about Audio: set_record_source (not implemented)

Then the requests to power down the machine… starts with “Running” to “Suspending” to “suspended” to “powering_off”


Someone tell me I’m crazy.

If NSA was involved, I would assume that you wouldn’t notice.

This sounds like a bug in VirtualBox. (Because VMs such as Whonix should not be able to cause VirtualBox status aborted and if they were, it would be a bug in VirtualBox. [Nonetheless we should add a workaround if that is possible.] Also damaged hardware could cause this. Could you try running memtest please?

Perhaps you accidentally pressed some key combination which VirtualBox uses to create a screenshot and then some bug in VirtualBox’s screenshot function causes this bug?

Are you wiling to tell us, what host operating system (and version) and what VirtualBox version you are using?