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I found in wiki/Other_Operating_Systems how use android with whonix. I followed the instructions and everything is clear. But i have no confidence about IP leaks.
I understand what is Anonymity with Pseudonymity but now I’m only talking about IP leaks. If i have correct settings via wiki/Other_Operating_Systems is it possible to get my real IP if i going to use different apps which use internet connection. For example, whatsapp, instagram, e-wallet app? I do not ask about Anonymity. I only need to hide my IP for all apps in adnroid through tor and be sure there is no way to get it through any app.

Hi linggg,

welcome to Whonix and thank you for your question. Our Whonix wiki page on leak testing presupposes partially Linux based guest VMs, but some leak tests are browser based on can be done on the host rather than inside a Linux based guest VMs.

Also corridor which is also mentioned there might be useful as a leak tester.

I advice to remove the Whonix specific part of your question and then redirect these questions in places with people specialized in this. To learn more what this means, see:

The question when would be along the line of “How can I find out my IP address with Android?”

Unfortunately, I don’t have a better answer than this. Perhaps someone else has a better answer than me. Please let us know if you figure something out.

For whatever its worth also nobody ever managed to publicly demonstrate finding out its own real external IP address using a Whonix-Custom-Workstation that was properly configured to network through Whonix-Gateway due to configuration trickery [*].

[*] Other attacks: https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Comparison_with_Others#Attacks

Thanks for your reply! Sorry for the incorrectness! As I understand it:

  1. Rregardless of the operating system, if a leak occurs, it will be on the gateway.
  2. At the moment there is not a single case of leakage, including infected guest machines
  1. Yes that’s the point.
  2. Yes if the malware doesn’t do a guest escape.
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