Whonix Warrant Canary


From riseup.net likely compromised.

riseup.net likely compromised

Fortunately gag orders and NSLs don’t exist in German jurisdiction yet so Whonix is safe.

Also warrant canaries are not bullet proof since Australia’s government added provisions that work around it:


True, but they aren’t far away with this kind of stuff and Agencies can still pressure Someone to do certain things without a official gag order.

I don’t think a canary should only be used when “official” Papers come in…

just my 2 cents


What kind of pressure? Blackmailing? Violence?

Warrant canaries work if there are leftovers of constitutional[1] leftovers. The state playing by the law and the people defending with other laws. Once the law is ignored, I don’t see how canaries still are of any help.

[1] English: meaning due process (of law)
[1] German: ordentliches, rechtsstaatliches, faires Verfahren / Gerichtsverfahren


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Adding to that, the question would be what purpose a canary would serve for Whonix? There is literally no information a hypothetical NSL could “get” from this project, as neither the forum nor the wiki log anything about it’s users (most of them using Tor anyways) and the source code for Whonix is public either way.

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A request to add a vulnerability / backdoor to the binary version / to an package upgrade?

I don’t know the legal theory behind NSL includes such as possibility. I know much too little about the US legal system and the legal theory behind it. With my little understanding of the warrant canary legal theory however, asking to add a backdoor to the source code / binary could perhaps be considered forced speech. And the legal theory behind NSL / warrant canary says, that forced speech cannot be demanded in the first place. And elsewhere it was legally established that ‘code is speech’.


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Well, a NSL after the American model, which like already mentioned isn’t really applying to a German project, only allows for the request of the release of telecommunication, bank record and similar information. That’s what I was meaning, since there is no information Whonix’s Forum/Wiki stores about their users which isn’t publicly accessible either ways. Forcing anything into the source code isn’t possible because, like you mentioned, according to Bernstein v. US, code is to be protected under the First Amendment and, adding to that, NSL’s haven’t been designed for that purpose either ways.

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