Whonix / VPS / VNC

I want to setup vnc server on a remote machine, that will open a reverse connection to a vnc client in Whonix Workstation.

Since I can’t have a fixed IP to connect to in the Workstation, how can that be done?

I have a VPS without X-Server that I can use. So I can’t install the VNC client on the VPS because it has no GUI support, right? but can I tunnel the VNC over SSH? In that case the remote machine will use the VPS’s IP to establish the reverse connection.

Edit: another option - connect to Tor before VPN, and have the VPN provider forward the VNC port (not using the VPS)?

The answer is always an onion service for such usecases.

Also any paid services like VPSs will leave a juicy money trail. No bitcoin is not anonymous.

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I can’t add Tor to the remote machine. How will it connect to the hidden service? tor2web?

I tried the solution of connecting to Tor before VPN and having the VPN provider forward a port. Doesn’t work, seems like the port is blocked (by Whonix firewall or by Tor exit node?).

Find one that does. VNC is archaic and very unsecure. I wouldn’t run any remote management software without the safety of Tor.


Just now documented.

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