Heho Whonix community,

i use Linux Mint since 2 days and now i want try to install Whonix Gateway into Virtualbox on my Linux Mint.

  • Is it basically possible to install programs which running under Windows, there?

  • I heard something about “Wine”. Is it easy to install programms on Whonix`?

For the beginning i want following this tutorial " http://www.anonym-surfen.online/e-guide/anonym-surfen-tutorial-teil-1-virtualbox-und-whonix-vorbereiten" This is on my Language,but I’m not sure if it’s good.

About a message i would be very happy


Hi BlackHatCat

You do not install programs/software in Whonix-Gateway. You install then in Whonix-Workstation.


As for installing Wine to run Windows based programs. NO!! Major Security Risk


I would use the Whonix documentation here:

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