Whonix + viber - risk

Hello. I need to run viber anonymously. I decided to use whonix gateway + windows10 via virtualbox. I install vpn on windows to hide the torus node. Will it help me in anonymous login and chat in viber? (virtual viber number)

There’s no such thing as being anonymous when using your real voice on an untrusted service. Even using modifiers to sound like Alvin the chipmunk won’t fool a powerful adversary who can still account for these filters and fingerprint your audio.

Microsoft Windows Hosts - for hosts but a lot of it applies to VMs too.

I’m not talking about voice, but about text messages, I use a virtual number, will this give the desired level, or expect leaks? what is the right thing to do? I have to write to a person, but they shouldn’t find me

Depends on how you created the account and what info you gave them.

Was it created anonymously? Did you sign in on the same account from another device at any point in time? Did you give out any email address that you created from an IP tied to you?

Also consider the small anonymity set. If you are already in this person’s social network in real life and also the only person known to use Tor, it won’t be very difficult for an investigator to figure out that it’s likely this message came from the only person this person already knows that uses anonymity services.

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I will use a disposable mailbox, which I will create through a link (whonix gateway + vpn), with this mail I will register on the SMS service (pay monero), after registering a viber account I will write to a person who did not know me before. The question is, will the viber application merge my ip (I use viber only for messages, no calls)

How likely application is leaking?

IP isn’t the only thing to worry about. Refer to links above.

Also consider warnings here:

Merge with what other instance?

No DNS and IP leaks are highly improbable with Whonix because of how it was designed. We do regular leaktests with every major release generation to confirm it’s still the case. You can run these tests too.

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