Whonix v14 and VC volumes

I tried open previously created VeraCrypt volume (using VC v1.23 x64) and this is what I get:

I’m sure HDDis fine. I did check hardware and filesystem side. Also, I did put VC volume on different disk, and flash drive. Mounting attempt from Whonix with same result as above. Also, I can mount this volume from Windows or Ubuntu from same locations without problem. I tried Whonix v14., v14., v14. and and failed every time (using v1.23 x64). I did managed to find Whonix v13., set it up, install VC (v1.23 x86) and open volume without problem.

It looks like it’s some Whonix v14 issue. All Whonix VM’s running from VirtualBox.

Pretty sure this would also happen on Debian stretch, which Whonix 14 is based on.

Therefore needs to be sorted out as per Free Support for Whonix ™.