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Whonix update removed application launcher? Why do this?

The icon in the upper left corner that drops down to show applications is now gone with most recent whonix update. I have seen this on two different workstation vm’s so it is not a error with an update. The only way i can even go to applications now is right click desktop and carefully open the submenus. If it werent for that feature i would be locked out of every program. Is there any way to get this back?

It’s not a feature. Whonix source code changes do not include changes which could effect such a change. Could be a bug in a package from Debian.


Platform-specific Desktop Tips chapter Default Home Folder Configuration Files Reset in Whonix wiki

This advice caused my screen to turn black forcing me to reboot to see it again. Why are you surprised at this? I have the same whonix as everyone else, you should see this missing too.

Because it wasn’t be who made a related change.


(Whonix is based on Kicksecure.)

Nobody else was reporting something similar. So I doubt Whonix is the cause or wouldn’t know how that’s possible. Not all mysteries can be investigated, resolved.

What other potential causes could there be?