Whonix update asks about Grub.

Hello. I updated my Whonix Gateway + Workstation today. During the update, the Terminal asked me about Grub.

  • Install Grub mainteranse version or
  • Keep currently installed (has been modify).
    I really modified my Grube sometime ago - disable timeout, etc.
    So what should i choose? Install mainteranse version? Thanks

you can either choose all of the existing places , or leave it empty it wont effect anything.

Hi NiceXD

Creating backups before making any changes to your system is a good habit to get into.

For VirtualBox:


VM Snapshots can also be created before making any changes. Then if the changes break Whonix you can revert to the previous VM image.


For Qubes-Whonix

Qube MangerSystemBackup qubes

Generally speaking the maintainers version packages are OK to install.

If you previously made changes to grub you will loose them when the maintainers version is installed. But you can always re-apply them.

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