I want to use ublock with whonix.
If I install ublock on torbrowser will it have the same fingerprint as tails?
Because tails had ublock installed on torbrowser.

The devil is in the details. For example:

  • Tails modifies a bunch of Tor Browser preferences (in rather intricate ways too, like rebuilding omni.ja IIRC), some of which may be fingerprintable
  • It disables all extension updates
  • It disables uBlock Origin’s internal filter list updater

At the very least one would have to replicate this, and use the exact same bundled versions of uBlock Origin and NoScript.

Different versions of system packages (frozen on Tails, vs. possibly newer on Debian/Whonix) can be a problem as well. A couple years ago, a fingerprintable difference in font rendering was traced back to the installed version of libm (part of glibc).

So making the Tails flavor of Tor Browser usable on other systems is not trivial. But it would be a worthwhile project for sure. I can’t see any other good way for Tor users to get an ad blocker while still blending into a large enough anonymity set.