whonix + tor + hosting

Hi, I would like to make a tor + whonix site, what is the best way to remain anonymous? What precautions should I take to not be tracked? Should I use a vpn? Do you have any tutorials that you can go through to configure? What is the difference between whonix workstation and whonix gateway.

To start of with I would read through the Whonix documentation
I think most if not all of your questions will be answered there.

If you have more questions after you have read through the docs and have been unable to find an answer using a search engine ( i.e. Google, Duckduckgo ) feel free to ask on the Whonix forum. :wink:


Thanks for your help.

I did not find a method to use internet wifi, only by modem 4g. In my country the 4g modem is very limited (slow speed). Do you have this option to keep the server over wifi?

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Whonix automatically uses whichever connection your host currently utilizes. No additional configuration is thus required.

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