Whonix Setup Wizard on smaller screens

Hello. I’ve used Whonix on and off for a few years, and appreciated it very much. Thank you!

I have just started fresh with version and have seen the new (to me) “Whonix Setup Wizard” (specifically, I think this is “setup-wizard-dist”) and I have some feedback on that:

I am using Whonix in VirtualBox and my host has a relatively small (although still quite common) screen, of 1366x768 resolution. With the various title bars and toolbars, guests get a resolution of 1366x673.

The problem is that the initial Whonix Setup Wizard window, which showed when I started Whonix-Gateway and Whonix-Workstation, was sized a little too tall for the screen, so that the Next and Cancel buttons at the bottom were cutoff:
(imagine an image here, but I’m not allowed to post images yet, it seems!)

Luckily the window is resizable, so I could drag it smaller to reveal the buttons, but some users may have a little difficulty with this, and it’s a small “papercut” issue that impacts the first impressions.

Can Whonix Setup Wizard be made to check the current screen size and automatically resize if necessary?

Many thanks for reading this.

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Yes, that would be nice.


This might get better in the next version.

Or the wizard might be no longer automatically started as per:

connect to public Tor network by default / avoid Anon Connection Wizard (ACW) popup at first boot


Many thanks :slight_smile:

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