whonix set-up difficulties

hello guys. I have just downloaded whonix for the first time and i am having a hard time starting it.i have done all the required steps to install whonix and virtualbox but when i start whonix gateway and whonix workshop in the virtualbox.the program runs until it promps me to enter host login: and i dont know why to type in. i tried different things like user which is the default username but it is not working.I hope you guys can help me out with this issue.

Thank you very much

Whonix default username: user
Whonix default password: changeme

Sounds like you downloaded Whonix with CLI, i.e. with command line interface only, without a graphical desktop environment.

In case you are a linux beginner, you probably want Whonix with XFCE:

You probably do not want Whonix with CLI: