Whonix server version

similarly to ubuntu server there could be a whonix image that is optimized for server use.
it would be nice to have a slim operating system that can be run on a vps and allows to easily set up a hidden service. the whole system should only be reachable through its .onion address. the admin will get the onion address and set the password using the shell that vps control panels usually provide.

what do you think of this?

It’s on the “would nice to have indeed” list:

Without a contributor maintaining this, it most likely won’t happen.

yeah, people. thats whats usually lacking in the interesting software projects. i dont know how to get more people so i can only throw in some thoughts.
the more dependencies a project has the more important an automated update procedure becomes even though it also becomes more complicated. i dont know how it works now but the perfect state should be a single click or enter and then all code and dependencies get downloaded, compiled, integrated, packed, distributed and documented automatically.
i know its not easy or doesnt look worth the effort in all cases but its always possible, in the worst case with autoit :wink: and if you get it working its a bit like watching one of those chain reaction machine videos.
with something like this in place you can focus on implementing new stuff instead of being forced to work against the release clock and having to repeat the annoying and error prone manual update procedure over and over.

Building is automated. Still. Implementing automated comprehensive testing needs dedicated contributors.

Hi ,
I am currently building such an addition to Whonix . Its pretty bare bones and Cli for now (very busy atm)
if you have any more features, ideas please post them.
As soon as I feel its ready for testing i will post here