Whonix-Qubes Passwords

The How-To Guide: Post-installation Security Advice from the Whonix Qubes Wiki suggests:

“Change both the username and password as soon as Whonix is installed.”

  1. Probaby a typo, but given my understanding, username should NOT be changed for anonymity reasons.
  2. My question is regarding changing passwords in Whonix-Qubes.
    Given Password-less sudo: Redirecting…,
    is it still necessary or recommended to change AppVM passwords?


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yeah, I guess that’s a typo, wouldn’t make any sense otherwise. And, the passwords should only be changed inside the Whonix-Workstation and Gateway, which are independent to Qubes, which is why I recommend regarding to the guides on qubes-os.org for information on that.

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Right. Qubes-Whonix users should skip this. And fixed the mistake in the wiki.

Thanks Ego, you helping out in user support is very helpful! :slight_smile: