Whonix Qubes Host OS

I remember stumbling on the Whonix Host OS development which stopped at version 15, why not consider Qubes as the main system for Host, or for example a fork for anonymity, this would give room for increased anonymity and security, like upgrading and installing via tor out of the box and minimal Whonix cubes for each application.
The lack of VT-d VT-x on many CPUs can be compensated for by default usb and net in dom0, it’s still the same as if there was KVM
I understand Whonix is interested in the Host OS as a live os, Unman has had some success with Live Qubes:

I understand that this may be very difficult to implement, I’m just interested to hear thoughts on this

whonix already does exist as a template in qubes, and users can make their host as a qubes os and whonix on top of it.

so what you are asking already done since 7~ years.

Cool features for sure.


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