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Whonix proxy settings guide doesnt work

Followed this with the intention of using a proxy addon (torbrowser → proxy → website), but it does not work, there is no connection to the internet when the proxy addon is enabled, so the instructions do not have any effect.

The instructions appear to be out of date because they reference this file “/etc/uwt.d/50_user.conf” and this file “/etc/torbrowser.d/50_user.conf” but neither file exists in whonix.

The titles for each section " Remove proxy settings for [Tor Browser Downloader by Whonix] and [Remove proxy settings for APT repository files] imply that this section is not about allowing tor → proxy, but about removing the software updates ability to update over tor, which isnt related to anything in this section of the website.

edit: I re-read the initial disclaimer about TB not having any known solution for that method, so i went to the next method Connecting to Tor before a Proxy using Proxyfier Method - Whonix

which states:

There is currently no tested, known to work solution for using Tor Browser with the Proxyfier Method. … Alternatively try the Proxy Settings Method.

Ok, so theres no solution for first method, and no solution for the second method, but it suggests to try the first method, and then goes on (in the 2nd method) explaining how to configure TB with it. Thats very confusing.

At time of writing this is unfortunately to be expected. As already mentioned on that wiki page. Quote from same page:

Archived instructions.

NOTE: The following archived instructions are most likely currently broken due to changes by upstream, The Tor Project. To resolve this issue, the user would have to proceed as per Free Support Principle. Please post in Whonix ™ forums to notify if this method is currently working, broken or if any solution has been found. To view the archived instructions, please press on Expand on the right.

Why is this difficult?

To learn why this is difficult, please press on Expand on the right.

Not outdated. These files are non-existing and to be created.

There’s a wiki issue:

Indeed. That’s only 1 step. Not the full instructions how to do that. Not properly contextualized. The full steps aren’t easy but the context should be added to the wiki indeed.

Thanks. I will update the wiki to reflect that.

To confirm:
There’s currently no easy solution and none should be expected unless someone contributes.

It was explained in chapter “Introduction” but maybe “Introduction” sounds like “never mind, skip this, show me the steps”. I’ve renamed that wiki chapter, improved it and generally added a better overview of steps required and their applicability.

Could you tell me how much would it cost for a custom solution to this? I want to use this proxy primarily through TB so i can access clearnet sites without being auto banned. Id also need this to be easily disabled, and be able to tell when its enabled.

It’s not affordable. I cannot do it and I don’t know how find a contractor who’s able implement that either. It’s that difficult. People with the skill required are as I found not interested in contracting work, only in employment.

If you find somebody else capable of implementing this, please consider having the work result released as Open Source.