Whonix performance


I am finding whonix very slow.

For example, I have a copy of ubuntu installed in a VM with the same settings as whonix (3GB assigned memory, 2 CPUs etc).
I have a video file for testing which I run in VLC version 2.0.3 in both VMs.

In Ubuntu the top command shows approx 30% processor usage, whereas in whonix it shows 150%.

General system performance bears out these numbers - i.e. switching from 1 page to another in torbrowser can take 3-4 seconds.

Any suggestions?


How can CPU usage be higher than 100%?

You mean from one tab to another?

You mean internet is slow? If so, see this:

  1. That is how top reports processor usage across multiple cpu cores

  2. Yes, switching from 1 tab to another

  3. No, I do not mean that the internet is slow.

Get Whonix 9.4 ova files and try them please


Yes, version number is important.

Okay, this is something odd.

Let’s find out what eats CPU. This would be useful for debugging. Please try these.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install iotop htop
sudo iotop -a

as i allready personal test that, whonix without hardware virtuallization & ssd disk runs very slow , so slow that is unusable . you need at least a installed host in a ssd disk connected via sata in motherboard , a cpu & motherboard thats support hardware virtualization , and ok when speak for cpu you can’t run 2 guests with a cpu that run at 1.8 Ghz for example , you need at least 2.3 Ghz , because we speak for 3 operating systems that run in the same pc at the same time. another is ram , at least total system ram for whonix is 2 Gb . And for ubuntu virtualization i have my personal story again . i have 2.9 Ghz cpu with hardware virtualization & extended page hardware virtualization , in ssd via sata , 10 Gb ram in dual channel , whonix runs very fast , i have and debian gnome guest that runs in the same time with whonix fast to . when i was install ubuntu server on virtualbox with unity it was very slow! i replace then unity with gnome classic (it is more fast shell -it have lower system requirements) it was faster than unity but defenatly notable slower that whonix guests for example! i replace again gnome classic with lxde shell , that time i succes the performance , lxde is very fast desktop shell because have from the lowest system requirements , that time i run ubuntu 14.04 lxde virtualized & is very fast to .
My frient if you have not hardware virtualization and system installed on ssd its very bad idea to run virtual pcs ,
Again from my personal experience you can run TAILS persistence , thats serve stream isolation with tor , its not full amnesic , and run FAST in any pc !