Whonix Organization/Business/Legal

I’ve been making good use of Whonix for a while now and just read the Contribute page.

I’m not a formal lawyer but am pretty experienced in many organizational, business, and legal affairs.

I’ve structured, incorporated, and managed a number of businesses over the years and have directly dealt with plenty of these organizational issues in detail.

If Patrick would like someone with this kind of experience to bounce questions off of, then I’d be willing to provide my advice to him as a contribution back to the budding Whonix project.

About which legislation(s) do you possess knowledge?


My legal knowledge touches on subjects from legal entities, contracts, hiring, intellectual property, tax law, real estate, non-profits, etc.

Although I am not based in Germany or the EU, so I do not have specific legal knowledge tailored to your national or local jurisdiction.

And of course, I have plenty of experience with general business administration, structuring, organizing, operating, building, managing, financials, etc – from real estate to business services to consumer services to web businesses – if you’d like to draw upon any of that knowledge base.

Open casual offer as long as I’m using Whonix.

Could you contact me by e-mail please? Preferably encrypted. (Contact - Whonix)

Hello Patrick,

I just sent you a private email.