Whonix on Mac M1 (ARM) - User Support (still unsupported at time of writing)

Ooo they can call it Xinohw, Whonix backwards and upload to Google drive haha but I’m sure there would be more steps, understandable policy though. I guess I can always revert back to windows for now until an easier solution comes.

For those of us just starting to get Whonix working with UTM can we expand on this a little bit? I ran into the key-related installation failures for Tor Browser and had to get it manually from Sourceforge.

This leads me to a question I’m having trouble finding a clear answer for, as well: How do we verify we aren’t creating a Tor-over-Tor situation by manually installing this way?

In addition, at appears that we can’t get a “normal” Whonix configuration by manually installing, and might also break further isolation features if we prevent Tor-over-Tor with a configuration change.

If someone can help me clarify and sort this out that would be much appreciated. I know I’m not quite asking these questions clearly, am under the weather at the moment. Tor Browser does work, but it sounds like our manual method might cause other issues. I’d like to mitigate those if possible.

ETA: I did confirm just now that I do not see any circuits displayed for Tor Browser site tabs in Whonix even though I manually installed it (I haven’t changed any relevant config details, either). So I’m not sure what state it is presently in. I think going into a little more detail here would be helpful for myself and others who experiment with UTM + Whonix.

Hi! These links don’t work. Can you share new links please?

Or maybe anybody else can send latest gz files for UTM?

Can’t help with that, but here are a few things related to rolling your own:

It’s not too difficult to build. When installing Debian on UTM though if you run into issues with the installation process failing (I can’t quote the errors I was getting at the moment, only the solution, so YMMV if your errors are different), try just picking the GNOME choice for the Debian desktop when you use the installer. That got me and some others around an installation roadblock. Also make sure that you are giving 30+ GB to the installation. It might choke on less.

As for the Whonix instructions for Apple Silicon, I found it necessary to ignore this line at the bottom of the “1. Environment Setup” section, as it seems superfluous: “Double click the Bullseye utm file to import it.” There is no utm file to import at that point in the process.

Otherwise the process went surprisingly smoothly. Do also note that it might be necessary to understand better what’s going on with the Tor Browser installation because while a tool is provided for that within the workstation, it hasn’t worked for some of us and this could be related to how we did the build (didn’t change any configuration steps; I believe I had found a discussion of this on another forum thread, but can’t dig that up just now) and / or issues with signing key(s). But this can be worked around by getting Tor Browser by user holind from Tor Browser Ports on Sourceforge; go to the Files tab and find the 11.5.1 folder (current), then scroll until you find the arm64 builds. (Sorry, I can’t post links or I would have.)

As with my above separate question, I am not 100% sure of what the implications of this manual installation method are for Tor Browser. I can only report that it does seemingly work. So again, YMMV.

And, apologies for any potential errors above, as I am still learning.

May you upload the video how you built your own whonix step-by-step?

Build instructions

Relevant information:

Note: For simplicity this instruction is based on current stable version ( See link about stable release for any newer releases (if may be)

Step 1: Download Debian arm64 image
Step 2: Load Debian image into UTM
Step 3: (Inside Debian image @ UTM) - run following commands:

git clone --depth=1 --branch --jobs=4 --recurse-submodules --shallow-submodules https://github.com/derivative-maker/derivative-maker.git
cd derivative-maker
git fetch
git verify-tag
git verify-commit^{commit}
git --no-pager tag
git checkout --recurse-submodules
git describe
git status

(see this link for appropriate PGP verification of source

sudo ./derivative-maker --target utm --flavor whonix-gateway-xfce --build --arch arm64 --tb open
sudo ./derivative-maker --target utm --flavor whonix-workstation-xfce --build --arch arm64 --tb open

Step 4:
Done, build of Whonix ™ has been completed. Move build files from ~/derivative_binary/ to local computer and load into UTM

Note: I just got a build error during first run of derivative-maker. The process continued with success after hitting (r) for retry. No idea why I had a road bump during compilation.

Edit: If you are experiencing issues with Tor browser, see previous post from Goldeneye128.

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