Whonix on Fedora Silverblue

Hello everyone,

I’d like to use Whonix on Fedora Silberblue 38 but did not manage to do so.
Has somebody here a hint to a tutorial or could describe the needed steps?
I would be really thankfull! :slightly_smiling_face:

This is more of a Fedora Silverblue question than a Whonix question.
Virtualbox installation is… problematic, but not recommended anyway.
As for QEMU/KVM, follow the same instructions from the wiki for Fedora Workstation, but use rpm-ostree instead of dnf to install virt-manager. For example: rpm-ostree install virt-manager. Currently, the virt-manager package is sufficient to run Whonix.
Tip: if you want to avoid having to type the root password each time you start Virtual Machine Manager for the first time after logging in, instead of trying to add yourself to the libvirt/kvm groups, you’ll want to add a polkit rule for that.

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Which virtualizer? Which issue did you experience?

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