Whonix meeting at 32c3 - Dec 27th to 30th 2015 in Hamburg, Germany


General info on ccc congress… It’s an exhibition.


(I didn’t read that page.)

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This was last year:


I plan on booking a ‘table’. At noisy square.


Theoretically, there will be a real table. A round one. Big enough. And chairs. A public place. Next to the Whonix table, there will likely be the Tails table as well as hopefully a Qubes table.

The table will be visible by a big Whonix physical textile banner [hopefully] saying “Whonix, privacy and anonymity os” [the current banner]. [I am going to order a banner.] Decoration is all up to the ones sitting at that table. I’ll also order some stickers and whatever giveaways would be useful.

What would any attending person be doing?

It’s all very causal. No obligations. First and foremost, enjoy the exhibition. Join any lectures, workshops, talk with other people at other tables, whatever you like. No need to be all time at that table. And if there is currently no event that interests you, and if you just want to hang out, then hang out at the Whonix table. Do something on your computer. Eat. Talk. Whatever. When someone approaches the table, one that either never heard about Whonix or existing Whonix users having any questions or comments, talk to them. You don’t need to be a developer. If you’re a user, you say you’re a user. If you don’t know, you say you don’t know. That’s it.

Last year, entrance for all 3 days was ~ 80 or 100 EUR or so. There was no free entrance. Also not for people giving lectures.

Transportation, accommodation for any attendee would all need to be covered and organized by themselves.

I don’t think ticket sale or table registration has started yet. (32c3 wiki has not been created yet.)

If you plan on showing up on this meeting, please say so in the forum thread:



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If you plan on showing up on this meeting, please say so in the forum thread

I think i will be there , a Whonix Table sounds like fun.

That’s very good to know! Specifically because you are working on ⚓ T90 Whonix Tor Controller.

I can say, likely you’ll not be the only one.

im in , hope to c u there guys :slight_smile:

I will attend too. See you all there.

Tickets now available.

~ 90 EUR

Just now added the Whonix assembly.


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