Whonix Livestream 17.June.2017 - Let's talk Reality Winner

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I’ve just wrapped up the third monthly Patreon Live Stream.

This time I covered the Reality Winner leaks, what kind of mistakes were done by the Intercept as well as her and why these leaks are going to have a hard time impacting a lot of people.

I’d like to note on that front that on two occasions during this stream, I made the mistake of stating Jeff Sessions occupation wrongly. This was a mistake on my part which does in no way change anything stated surrounding Sessions actions, though I still would like to apologize for making this mistake. Also, I’m starting to realize that I should attempt to suppress those Um’s as they are beginning to be really annoying…

You may watch it now here: Whonix Livestream - 17.June.2017 - YouTube

If you would like to join us next time or you feel like supporting Whonix, please consider donating to our Patreon: Patreon

  1. Is that a hidden youtube video? I told a friend to check out your video, by name, but even typed EXACTLY with all punctuation, youtube returned only other junk, not your video.

  2. Please NORMALIZE your audio. :-p

  3. Join a Toastmasters group toastmasters.org to rid yourself of those annoying UMs. :wink:

Thanks for the report. :slight_smile:

Good day,

It’s currently set to only be accessible via link.

Sadly with the current method that wouldn’t be possible. We (or rather in this case I) are streaming live via OBS. Sadly normalization isn’t really something doable “on-the-fly”. Will though for the future look at ways to improve the audio set-up in general.

Thanks for the recommendation. I actually already (believe it or not) have a rather solid background when it comes to rethoric, public speaking and hosting presentations. However, I “hold speeches” predominently in German and in general, while I do write a lot in English on a regular basis, I rarely get to use it when talking to other people. That’s as far as I can tell the crux of the issue, I talk so rarely in English that I consistently need to search for required phrases.

Have a nice day,


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