Whonix langpacks useful?

Trying to simplify https://github.com/Whonix/anon-meta-packages/blob/master/debian/control

Package: anon-workstation-langpack-common
Architecture: all
Depends: ${misc:Depends}
Recommends: iceweasel-l10n-all | firefox-l10n-all, ttf-dejavu, ttf-liberation, locales-all,
 ttf-kacst, ttf-farsiweb, scim-pinyin, scim-tables-zh, scim-uim, ttf-arphic-ukai, ttf-arphic-uming,
 culmus, libfribidi0, ttf-indic-fonts, scim-anthy, ttf-khmeros, ttf-unfonts-core, ttf-lao,
 ttf-thai-tlwg, xfonts-intl-chinese, xfonts-wqy, xfonts-bolkhov-koi8r-75dpi,
 xfonts-bolkhov-koi8r-misc, xfonts-cronyx-koi8r-100dpi
Description: Fonts and language packages for better internationalization support
 A metapackage which installs fonts and language packages for better
 internationalization support.
 Does not get installed by default, because it is largely untested
 and needs more work.

Package: anon-shared-desktop-langpack-kde
Architecture: all
Depends: ${misc:Depends}
Recommends: kde-l10n-ar, kde-l10n-bg, kde-l10n-bs,
 kde-l10n-ca, kde-l10n-cavalencia, kde-l10n-cs, kde-l10n-da, kde-l10n-de, kde-l10n-el, kde-l10n-engb,
 kde-l10n-es, kde-l10n-et, kde-l10n-eu, kde-l10n-fa, kde-l10n-fi, kde-l10n-fr, kde-l10n-ga,
 kde-l10n-gl, kde-l10n-he, kde-l10n-hr, kde-l10n-hu, kde-l10n-ia, kde-l10n-id, kde-l10n-is,
 kde-l10n-it, kde-l10n-ja, kde-l10n-kk, kde-l10n-km, kde-l10n-ko, kde-l10n-lt, kde-l10n-lv,
 kde-l10n-nb, kde-l10n-nds, kde-l10n-nl, kde-l10n-nn, kde-l10n-pa, kde-l10n-pl, kde-l10n-pt,
 kde-l10n-ptbr, kde-l10n-ro, kde-l10n-ru, kde-l10n-si, kde-l10n-sk, kde-l10n-sl, kde-l10n-sr,
 kde-l10n-sv, kde-l10n-tg, kde-l10n-th, kde-l10n-tr, kde-l10n-ug, kde-l10n-uk, kde-l10n-vi,
 kde-l10n-wa, kde-l10n-zhcn, kde-l10n-zhtw, anon-workstation-langpack-common
Description: Extra language support for the KDE desktop
 A metapackage, which includes extra language support for the
 KDE desktop.
 Does not get installed by default, because it takes a lot of
 space and requires a better solution.

These packages were never documented. Wondering if anyone would install them because these never fit for anyone. (Someone who is interested in language X just wants language X packages and not packages for all languages.)
Do these packages look useful?
If not, Iā€™d remove them soon.

//cc @iry

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