Whonix KVM Released


Thanks to everyone involved.

Come get some:


Leave feedback if you need to.


The distro working good as expected, but there some minor stuff maybe need to be checked up:

  • GW rams is 512 which is very slow barely you can open the terminal after waiting couple. So its better if you can increase it to at least 1GB.
  • If you open kvm window in default size (not full screen) whonix going to be too big shown inside small window which need scroll right and left (not just scroll up and down) to see the full screen of whonix or go/check somewhere inside it ← Can this be fixed by making whonix distro similar to the window size and adjusted accordingly (similar to vbox)?
  • If you open whonix using full screen in kvm then whonix icons going to be too faraway small in size, cant this be fixed to have bigger icons better resolution when opening whonix in full screen?

I don’t want to push up the OS reqs too much so it doesn’t shrink the pool of users. Try the cli interface and let me know if it is more bearable.

Documented along with workarounds. Unfortunately an upstream bug that doesn’t seem to go away despite many reports over the years.

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@Patrick the folder /mnt/shared inside the guest is no longer automatically created and had to be manually added. Could there be a bug (or permissions problem) in the service file preventing it from doing this?

The VM boots very quickly and boot messages are no longer showing so I can’t really diagnose what’s going on.

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No changes to that. Check daemon log.

sudo journalctl -b --no-pager -u mnt-shared-kvm.service

System Logs

Fixed. Removed condition that requires /mnt/shared to exist which blocked the service from running and creating this directory.

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The folder should always be created for all VMs no matter if shared folders will be used?

Yeah it should always be there and the user can control whether it is functional or not by adjusting the VM settings from the outside and selecting to add the shared dir.

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It is, But when new user installing whonix he expect things to run smoothly unless he has specific situation which he is using an old pc (because this is not the common in nowadays) so yeah he can adjust the rams.

upgraded to whonix 16 = working good :+1:

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