Whonix / Kicksecure KVM Released!




  • Set hostname to localhost for VM builds. Just a sane default that works with default /etc/hosts without warnings about wrong hostname when using sudo. /etc/hostname is not managed by any configuration package. Feel free to change.
  • Unbreak VirtualBox clearnet DNS settings when not using DNSCrypt.
  • Disable DNSCrypt by default for now due to issues. Potentially re-introduced later as an opt-in package. See Use DNSCrypt by default in Kicksecure? (not Whonix!)

Full difference of all changes:




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Clearnet Whonix wiki site shows download, but onion site only shows Version: for both Whonix & Kicksecure.

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Should be fixed.

What is the default username/password for Kicksecure?

user / changeme ?

When I try user, changeme, it tells me it’s incorrect. hmmm.

Nobody ever reported any issues related to that for years. Suspected user error.

Different keyboard layout?

Try typing these words in a text editor first before trying to enter these as actual password. Open text editor:


Also as long as you didn’t change the default password you can use dsudo without a password to gain root. (dsudo - default password sudo) Just use dsudo instead of sudo.


dsudo touch /etc/testfile

Can also be used to change the password. But as long as you don’t know how to type the default password, you would probably lock yourself out as you couldn’t type the new password either.

Not sure what happened, but I deleted the VM and reinstalled it and now the user/changeme worked. Weird. But it seems fine now. Thanks!

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