Whonix join other FOSS projects on Cypher Market

Heyo, rehrar again. Just wanted to see if Whonix wanted to partner with my project Cypher Market which is an online merch store for FOSS projects.

The profits of all merch go 45% to the FOSS project displayed on the merch, 45% to the designer (several designers are making merch for various projects), and 10% to Cypher Market. So far, we have various Monero projects, Veracrypt, and getting KeepassXC situated. We’re contacting other FOSS projects to join as well.

This was started as part of Monero’s Project FOSS and became sort of a continuation of the project.

I would love to get some Whonix merch on there (we’re exploring more than just shirts. All designs can be run by the Whonix community for approval before we get them up there. What are the community’s thoughts about something like this. All Whonix profits will be paid to the XMR donation address of Whonix.


no underwear? :yum:

nice, but made in?

if its not Giorgio Armani i cant wear it :sunglasses:

Thanks for the opinion @nurmagoz. @Patrick is the Whonix logo free to use? What are the restrictions on it?

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Can use.

Great. And where can I get the vectorized version of the logo? :slight_smile:


Whonix ™ Unified Design - Logos & Guidelines

Thanks so much for letting us work on this! The first two Whonix shirts have been added. Check them out here: Whonix Archives - Cypher Market


We’ve added a whole other line of merch where proceeds will be donated to Whonix. The A-Gnome-ymous line. Check them out at the same link here:




Gnome: The only popular DE that we didnt use and hope we never use.

i very much liked the mug, but why there is no direct address to BTC that we can send the money to?

Also for Whonix logo T-shirt, is it possible to have black color?

I would love to see the ASCII art on a shirt: https://forums.whonix.org/uploads/default/original/2X/f/f477bd4008f11f4f0c701f20c587a035ddfdc803.png.

1.5 XMR sent to Whonix. Can @nurmagoz or @Patrick confirm?

We’ll be putting up some more Whonix merch relatively soon, including beyond shirts.


Confirmed. Thanks so much!

Can confirm that Cypher Market is good advertising. I wore this Whonix t-shirt to my last routine doctor appointment; the doctor asked me about my shirt, and when I told him what Whonix was and how it worked, he was really excited and asked “why the heck isn’t everyone using Whonix?”