Whonix IRC channel status?

Anyone active on Whonix IRC? Status?

Anyone saw user IronSoldier?


no, but there is good replacement for him a user name “Devitra” hes almost 24/7 answering users questions.

and im there as well.

IronSoldier from long time i didnt see his nickname there.

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I was gonna open a new topic called

Backup #whonix support channel on hackint IRC Network?

but discourse “informed me” about some other topics, one being this one, and I thought “let’s not create a separate topic at all but reply here”, which I’m doing :slight_smile:

I’ve been on the Hackint IRC network for a while now and the admin team there has been very friendly to me and even allowed me to have my own IRC channel presence for my own IRC network(the gamehub multiplayer .onion network I’ve been mentioning on and off).

Of course they made note of that my project(regardless of what it is) must be fully legal so that no criminal activity is present on it, ie.

  • the project with a #channel is ok as long as it fulfills: “if there’s nothing illegal going on”
  • the project with a #channel must give “respect to german and dutch law”

I think Whonix does that, right? So I think you’re just fine on those points. Also except ‘just being another IRC network’ Hackint has a dedicated page about not only Tor but also .onion transports including both v2 and v3 ones:


I’m currenlty using the .onion v3 without sasl … [they got 4 different .onion Transport options, 2 with sasl(v2) and 2 without(v3)]

It’s easy to get in touch with the admin team, just visit the link I’m using(and verify it’s the same that shows on their official website) and I think it’s likely they’ll be as friendly to you as they were to me.


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