Whonix Installation (HELP)

Hi guys,

I downloaded Whonix-Gateway and Whonix-Workstation and I imported them to Virtual Box. When I turn on one of them, everything is good but I can’t write the login and the password. It’s going to quickly, I can’t stop the console, I tried F12, ENTER even try to click. But the login and password are already gone.

Sorry for my english (I’m fench)

Would be very grateful if somebody could assist me in resolving this issue please.

HI @loulou

  1. Did you verify the images?
  2. How much RAM/VRam did you assign to the VMs
  3. What version of Whonix are you using?

Just to be clear you are not trying to do a system login, you are attempting use the console to do a administrative job. ( e.i. Changing the default password as described here):


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But a graphical desktop starts and you can use Whonix normally?

In that case, forget the login/pass. That’s a virtual console that you don’t need as a very beginner of Whonix / Linux. Perhaps later.

Platform-specific Desktop Tips

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