Whonix Host - Live / Persistent Boot - looking for good product name

A good name for Whonix Host is needed as Whonix Host alone isn’t very descriptive / not sounding very exciting.

What I don’t like about Whonix Live is that it sounds too limited too.

  • It’s not only Live.
  • The great thing is, we can combine the best of both worlds. Boot into persistent mode by choosing so at grub boot meu, upgrade everything and on demand reboot into Live mode by choosing live boot in grub boot menu.
  • It’s also based on hardened debian (rename required, too) which comes with many enhanced default security enhancement such as jitterentropy-rng installed by default.

Whonix Host name suggestions welcome.

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Whonix Duo was a suggestion by @HulaHoop.

That’s a good one, and good line of thought.

Perhaps we can combine a word like live and persistent?

  • Whonix perslive
  • Whonix persylive
  • Whonix persolive
  • Whonix livepersi
  • Whonix liveopersi
  • Whonix liveor
  • Whonix lifer

[live liver livest]

  • Whonix Living
  • Whonix live|pers
  • Whonix livepers
  • Whonix lifpers

Whonix host naming is more easy since we don’t invent something totally new (hardened debian) since we can include “Whonix” in the name.

We can also consider synonyms for live (maybe not so much) and persistent.

Also might be good to keep the style adding a dash ("-") in between, i.e.:

  • Whonix-LivePers

Other words to mix:

  • some
  • save

Such as:

  • Whonix-LiveSave
  • Whonix-LiveSaver
  • Whonix-LiveSaving
  • Whonix-SaveLive
  • Whonix-SaverLive
  • Whonix-SavingLive
  • Whonix-OrLive
  • Whonix-AndLive
  • Whonix-Alive
  • Whonix-ChoseLive
  • Whonix-LiveChoice
  • Whonix-YesLiveNo
  • Whonix-NoLiveYes
  • Whonix-AltLive

Also to be considered:

synonyms of Live and Persistent.

Please state which ones you like.

I like Whonix Duo

Not feeling very enthusiastic about the other ones :slight_smile:

I saw “Whonix One” somewhere I think? I like it too, it conveys the meaning of having all features integrated into a single ISO (live mode, installer, persistence…).

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  • Whonix Base / Whobase
  • Whonix Integrated / Integrated Whonix / Intnix
  • Whonix Space / WhoSpace
  • Whonix Enviornment / WhoEnv
  • Mega Whonix / Megnix
  • Fullnix
  • Wholenix
  • Entirenix

Whonix Duo sounds interesting but may imply versioning to some. Whonix One surely will be confusing. Next version - Whonix One 2.0 ?

Perhaps borrow elements from the corresponding Debian nickname (allowed?)

  • WhoBuster
  • WhoBullseye
  • WhoBookworm
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Problem with this is that these don’t imply [high priority in name] live
/ persistent or hardened [low priority in name].

Whonix Duo sounds interesting but may imply versioning to some.


Perhaps borrow elements from the corresponding Debian nickname (allowed?)

Possibly but same as above.

Ok, so if we want to sound flexible, polymorphic, multi-options, perhaps something like -

  • WhonixFlex
  • WhonixPoly, Polymorphnix, Polynix…
  • MultiNix, Whonix Multiform
  • Chameleon

But then we step away from the “integrated” nature of the system.


What about?

Whonix Antero


We can play around with the capitalization so it gives a nice acronym:

Whonix AnTero ->WAT

or as a forgetful or coy person might ask


Some suggestions for Whonix Host:

  • Whonix Desktop (I know, but I like it)
  • Whonix Desk
  • Whonix Strong
  • Whonix Real
  • Whonix Solid
  • Whonix Keep
  • Whonix Fortress
  • Whonix Citadel
  • Whonix Firm
  • Whonix Metal
  • Whonix Silicon
  • Whonix Steel
  • Whonix Box

I have already suggested to follow cartoon nomenclature same as debian but seems no body liked that though its way much easier naming.

I like this one. Short and simple.

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KeepWhonixLive: a hardened host for Whonix

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Nice suggestion. Perhaps a better flowing name is Whonix Keep. It has an interesting meaning besides implying persistence/permanence. A keep is the fortified castle in English forts from the Middle Ages. This symbolizes a hardened host and also a safe sanctuary where the system lord/admin is in control.

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I like that reference, but I think that two words can’t meet the naming constraints. Three should be better.

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