Whonix hardening and Fingerprint

Hi, I harden my whonix-ws-16 with all the recommendations from Whonix documentation such as LKRG, Tirdad, Hardened Malloc, Hidepid, Apparmor, Security-Misc, SUID Disabler and Permission Hardener and I also disable the root account.

But I am wondering:

  1. Does it affect the Tor Browser fingerprint?
  2. If I install proprietary software will it be able to correlate between 2 different devices where both are hardened?

I would be very grateful if you could help me figure this out

I am also experimenting with a similar one on Kicksecure, but I posted the question related to Kicksecure and Whonix in the Kicksecure forum as it makes more sense for it

I am not aware of any evidence for that. It’s possible in theory but hard/impossible to proof a negative. No research is done on this subject and I have no reason to think that it’s underway either.