Whonix-GW will not run anon-connection wizard thus no internet connect (there is workaround)

When user run GW in CLI (which is the default case in KVM) he should get anon-connection-wizard popup to ask for enabling Tor + Running whonix check after that (this is the behavior in whonix-vbox).

Since this is not happening, Whonix-GW wont connect to tor thus no internet connection.

Easy Workaround: Increase RAM to 2GB for example to have a GUI entry then everything gonna work/connect normally.

cc @hulahoop

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Could be this bug: Whonix Getway setup-dist = v Fixed in latest Whonix VirtualBox release.

Not fixed in Whonix KVM since there’s no newer Whonix KVM releases.

Even if it is not that bug, networking would be fixed in some later release through connect to public Tor network by default / avoid Anon Connection Wizard (ACW) popup at first boot.

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Fixed now with KVM newer release.

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