Whonix Gateway & Workstation not detecting mouse

Hello All…

I’m new to Linux, I have read lot of good reviews on Whonix and decided to try it and have imported Whonix Gateway & Workstation into Virtual Box and it appears that everything is OK and I did not see any errors or anything as such, however I cannot see my mouse is being detected by Whonix, i.e both in Gateway as well as Workstation.

I can see the black mouse pointer in the middle of the screen but it does not move at all, my keyboard is detected and is working.
Please note that I did not change any parameters /settings just imported OVA files into Virtualbox that’s it.

Could any please suggest workaround/fix how do I make my mouse workon whonix.
I have installed Virtualbox with Whonix ob both Windows 7 & 8 systems but see same problem.

I’m using VirtualBox 4.3.16-95972-Win.exe version downloaded directly from virtualbox official website.

Please help.

Thank You,


Solving this will maybe become a bit harry, because this is the first bug report of this sort ever. So this is a rare issue.

Can you try installing Debian Wheezy inside a virtual machine and see if it is affected as well? To diagnose this issue, we must first exclude the possibility, that this is an issue introduced by Whonix.