Whonix Gateway + Windows. How to change DNS?


I installed a Windows System in Virtualbox and successfully managed to connect the Windows System to the Internet through Whonix Gateway (as mentioned in this Link https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Other_Operating_Systems#Windows-Whonix-Workstation). Now I want to change the DNS Server on the Windows System. I tried Proxyfier and Proxycap and changing the DNS Server in the Windows settings, but nothing seemed to work. I keep getting other DNS Servers, assuming that those are from the Whonix Gateway. I hope someone can help me here.


If internet of Windows through Whonix-Gateway is possible, what you need any proxyfier for?

Usually you don’t need this.

Note, the Tor network does not support UDP. → Template:Tor UDP - Whonix

And DNS by default used UDP. (Tor’s DnsPort is a bit different. It accepts UDP DNS, sends it through normal Tor TCP to Tor exit relays, which do the DNS resolution.)

So you either need to tunnel UDP over Tor ( Tunnel UDP over Tor - Whonix ), or use a TCP aware DNS resolver. (Some information here, although not tailored for the Windows platform: Alternative DNS Resolver - Whonix)

On Whonix Workstation I used proxychains to change my DNS. Basically I want to hide that im using TOR, so I use a VPN. But the fact that my DNS always changes, makes the VPN kind of useless. So I want to change my DNS to a static DNS.

Thanks for your help

If you are using a VPN inside the workstation (doing it right as per
documentation), then you already do hide the fact you are using Tor from
remote websites.

It doesnt seem like it. If I am connecting to a VPN via OpenVPN my DNS seems to leak. It doesnt matter what I do. If I change the settings of the VPN the DNS leaks. And it always shows the TOR DNS of the Whonix Gateway.

Fix your DNS settings.

Read and apply the documentation.

Better than adding a weak* workaround on top.

(* Combining Tunnels with Tor )