whonix gateway > win 7 > vpn

I decided to make such a bundle as in the subject, we have:

Macbook on which VirtualBox, in the virtual machine is Whonix Gateway and Windows 7. In the virtualbox in the network settings, I specified adapter # 2 “Whonix internal network” for Windows 7.
In Windows, the IP, gateways and dns Whonix are configured in the network parameters, everything works, Windows goes online from the Tor to it, which issues Whonix. Now I want to turn all traffic into VPN on Windows, since many sites swear at Tor traffic. But there was a problem, I installed Nord VPN on Windows 7 and when I turn it on, Windows works “without a network”, nothing is loaded. I am so somehow conflicting with the “Local Area Connection” that I am configuring for Whonix and the NordLynx connection that NordVpn has automatically created. The second day I’m poking around and I can’t configure the network to work normally.

Please tell me how best to wrap the final traffic on the territory of Windows in VPN and which one is better. Thank!

No need to change any VirtualBox network settings in any case. Unless you know what you’re doing: do not. Neither useful or needed.

I guess this page would clear a lot misconceptions and answer a lot question.

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