Whonix gateway TOR -> Proxy

Hello, i want to setup proxy (https/socks5) after TOR inside whonix gateway.
Any solutions or examples?
I can’t use proxy inside workstation because i will use custom system.

Thank you for advice!

The best and only thing available:

thank you!
is there any tutorial about to setup the socks5 | proxy?

[type or paste code here](https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Tunnels/Connecting_to_Tor_before_a_proxy)

seems to be that an proxy | socks isn’t recommend after whonix | tor?

whats the best an easy option in your opinion?
usually i want this setup:
workstation - vpn - vm whonix tor - vpn - socks5

it is possible|recommend?[

If not already in the wiki, then no.

Does not exist.