Whonix Gateway problems with NAT Bootstrapping 50%

I haven’t used whonix for several months and now I have connection problems, Tor is not yet fully strapped 45% done. sometimes it’s 50%. Bootstrapping 50% done. Tor reports: NOTICE BOOTSTRAP PROGRESS=50 TAG=loading_descriptors SUMMARY=“Loading relay descriptors for internal paths”
ARM shows:
[Warn] The ControlListenAddress option is deprecated, and will most likely be removed in a future version of Tor. Use ControlPort instead. (If you think this is a mistake, please let us know!)
The torrc differs from what tor’s using. you can issue a sighup to reload the torrc values by pressing x. configuration values are missing from the torrc: hiddenservicestatistics, runasdaemon

Version whonix -

What could be the problem?

That version is way too old and unsupported.

Also the following wiki page applies:

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