Whonix-Gateway onion circuits are dissapearing after some time of work

Hello. I have a very strange problem: I start Whonix both Gateway and Wokrstation, then open Onion Circuits on a Gateway to make sure that tor has built the circuits. But in some time of work, may be after 30-90 minutes of work, they are totally disappearing! I need to restart tor on a Gateway in order to build them again and again! After some time I open Onion Circuits on a Gateway and ooops… No circuits at all! What is the problem? Is it My ISP, my network connection, Tor Project of Whonix problem? Any way to help me? Thank you!

In theory could be an issue with onioncircuits itself. Compare with Nyx.

Otherwise, see:

Perhaps Tor completely shuts off unused circuits? I wouldn’t worry if you can still connect.