Whonix-Gateway in WLAN

Hi Everyone

i have simple fast question. Im newbie so please bear with us if question is stupid, for me some things are not so obvious.
I have 2 computers: one is my workstation, second is a simple server with debian (or whatever).
Both are connected in the same Local network. My question is:
What is the simplest way to use my second machine as whonix-gateway?
Just install Whonix-gateway on Virtualbox and configure it ? But how to do that ?


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This is explained in detail here: https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Dev/Build_Documentation/Physical_Isolation

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So I understand that i must:

  1. Install Whonix-Gateway on Virtuablox
  2. In Whonix-Gateway install and configure VPN
  3. Connect from workstation to this VPN and then all trafiic will be through TOR
    yes ?

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Pretty much yes. Please keep in mind thought that physical isolation mustn’t be more secure than virtual one via Qubes.

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In a Physical Isolation build, the recommendation is to install Whonix-Gateway directly on your hardware (bare-metal). You increase your attack surface by adding an additional OS and Virtualizer to the setup without gaining any real benefits.

Please be sure you are using the correct terminology. VPN is not the same as virtual LAN.


Hello friends.
Thanks for your advices a lot. But i very keen to have this gateway on separate computer. I made all steps from this guide but i dont know how to configure eth0 and eth1 in step Network Verification.
And yes sorry for terminology, next time i will be more accurate.
Can you explain me how to do it ? . Many thanks
Regards :slight_smile:

eh0 and eth1 are physically different interfaces ?


So I :

  1. Configure wlan0 as interface that is responsible for Internet connection.
  2. Configure eth0 as second interface which is plugged in to some switch.
  3. Plugging in to this switch my workstation.

Am i right ?
Sorry for that silly questions and thanks for anwsers.

We don’t have this documented.
eth0 and eth1 are hardcoded in various places.
Unless someone figures that out and maintains it, it’s unsupported ( https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Unsupported ).

Some hints here:


Hmm. it is possible to change name wlan0 to eth1 and then install whonix gateway ?
It have any chance to work ?

Whonix doesn’t do any magic stuff. See this very chapter:

It’s very likely possible but you are on your own figuring it out, which may not be super simple indeed. As said in my last post, it’s undocumented, unsupported.

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