Whonix Gateway in VM, workstation on a different computer in lan

Hello, my first post here so let me start of by thanking for a wonderful software. I’m probably doing something stupid so figured I would ask here.

I’m currently running Whonix gateway in a VM on my HTPC (win 7) because its always on and I have hardware for it.

I have a different laptop that’s in the network which runs Ubuntu and I’ve been trying to follow Whonix ™ for Ubuntu to get it to work, but I can’t seem to get a connection to the internet (run firefox).

Ubuntu is ran barebone on the laptop that I’m trying to connect to the gateway and its connected through wire. I’ve checked so that I don’t have any DHPC Ip reserve in the router. I can ping my HTPC from ubuntu without any problem, I can’t ping the whonix gateway (but that might be expected ?)

Any ideas or suggestions on what to try next? Idea was to use Ubuntu+Whonix for every day stuff and add tails in ubuntu for an extra layer of security.

Thanks in advance.

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Tinkering a bit I think I might have gone the wrong way, I should probably have followed: Build Documentation: Physical Isolation

My current problem is that I do not entirely understand this: Adapter 2 must either be set to NAT as well (but you will need to forward ports from the host to the guest) or much simpler: use bridged networking and set it to the second physical interface (the one that goes into the isolated network/point to point ethernet)

I have two network interfaces on my host but I’m using them in team so that I can get high speeds on my downloads without my network card dying. This then effectively becomes one card, does that mean that I have no way of setting up Whonix with physical isolation + vm?

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Well, when you use two network cards as one, then from a schematic point of view, you only have one network card. And Whonix-Gateway needs by design two network cards. Get a third network card perhaps?

Anyway. This Build Documentation: Physical Isolation is really untested. We documented this for the sake of it in TorBOX times. Got one or another success report, though. However, using Whonix-Gateway physical isolation on hardware is both safer and simpler.

Thanks for your response brother, I’ll investigate if I can find some cheap hardware to run the gateway on.

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