Whonix Gateway crahes constantly + update issue

Hello all.

I’m experiencing some constant problem with my GW. When I turn it on it sort of freezes when it loads and then just goes completely black or goes completely black after I click on terminal or whonixcheck. This can happen more than 3-4 times until the system finally ‘‘pushes through’’. I don’t get any errors.

Another possibly unrelated issue is that I can’t update neither of my systems. Both WS and GW give me a hash-sum mismatch error and it’s constant.

I’m using VB on a Linux Debian distro.


Changed any RAM settings? How much RAM did you assign?

Yes, I’ve adjusted RAM a few times without any change in functionality. It is now 1024 for the GW and 2304 for the WS with a system of 8gb ram.
The GW had around 1700 at one point but it’s worse now tbh.
The GW system doesn’t seem broken because the WS is connected to tor, so maybe it’s just something graphical?

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