Whonix gajim instructions giving error

I followed these instructions below to install gajim, it installs but i cannot create an account like it claims i can and gives this error when i try to connect:

I searched for this error and nothing shows. I go Add account -> Register new account -> Select a server -> check anonymous auth box -> advanced -> proxy Tor -> Forward

If i dont check “anonymous auth” it will get stuck on connecting to server and the same error will popup. I have tried many servers it does not work.

I think i figured it out, the instructions on whonix for gajim say in advanced preferences section, under global proxy (tor), Manage (selecting tor), to check “use proxy auth” and set user/pass to gajim/gajim . If you leave it blank and uncheck use proxy auth, then it will connect. Instructions on whonix chat wiki should be updated to remove this, maybe it was there for a reason but it is broken now.

Can anyone reproduce this? (with another jabber server)

Thank you for posting this I was just about to hit the forums to ask about this. If you do not check proxy authentication this will not work. if you do gajim and gajim for user and pw it will not work. Tor with port 9050 with blank username and pw but with authentication enabled fixes the problem. I tested this on creep.im and the jabber calyx server.

it does seem like .onion hostnames are broken though.

Checking auth causes problems for me, go figure

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